About Red Maya

The fire behind creativity and good design is a sense of wonder, exploration and fascination. Pairing these qualities with smart business solutions is what Red Maya is all about.

Because part of Maya Creative Group is located in Costa Rica and part in Oklahoma, we created a name that has meaning in both Spanish and English. In Spanish, red can mean a network of people, a safety net or a fisherman’s net. The color red is commonly associated with danger, sacrifice, passion, fire, beauty, blood, and in some cultures, happiness. Maya is our daughter, a child who opens our eyes every day to raw wonder and fascination.

Red Maya is a way for us to tell you about our inspirations: the amazing people and beauty all around us.  Part of the reason we came to Costa Rica was to rediscover our sense of wonder, and to learn to pay closer attention to the small things that make life so big. By focusing on the source of our own creativity, we hope to ignite a fire of inspiration in others, while providing sound, helpful solutions for the small business, in Costa Rica and abroad.